NCDOT 2023 Residue Property Online Only Auction

NCDOT 2023 Residue Property Online Only Auction

This is notice of the upcoming NC Dept. of Transportation Surplus Real Estate Auction. We have 40 or more tracts in Divisions 2, 3 and 4 covering multiple Counties in Eastern North Carolina.

This is notice of the upcoming NC Dept. of Transportation Surplus Real Estate Auction. We have 40 or more tracts in Divisions 2, 3 and 4 covering multiple Counties in Eastern North Carolina.

**To see more information (i.e: Map/Aerial, Property Card, and Deed), click on the red JPID number listed below and it will open a new window with information.**

JPID DIVCOUNTYAsset #GIS PINGIS ALT. PINSt. Address/Legal DescriptionCityAC.ZoningDeed Book & Page
Pending Offer
204WAYNE2074272671355647.00 100 EARL DRGoldsboro0.24RA-202517/0831 
214WAYNE1353792671727020.00 WESTBROOM AV REAR 1585-752Goldsboro0.3VILLAGE-DIST (Village District)2688/0751Complete
224WAYNE1353802671728202.00   LT 16&17 E L SIMMONS 1585-752Goldsboro0.75CS- Community Shopping2688/0751 
234WAYNE1454192671811811.00 S NC 581 HWYGoldsboro1.67CS- Community Shopping2786/0400Pending Offer
244WAYNE1461912681237285.00 N NC 581 HY REARGoldsboro2.7CS- Community Shopping2792/0214 
254WAYNE14619112681332078.00 LESLIE RD REAR 1815-850Goldsboro3.2CS ( Community Shopping) /OH (Outer Horizontal Height District)2792/0214 
264WAYNE2439132696966795.00 STUCKEY RDFremont79.89none1940/0411 
274WAYNE20741013610884951.00 WAYNE MEMORIAL DR REARGoldsboro11.95CS ( Community Shopping) /OH (Outer Horizontal Height District)1472/0411 
284WAYNE20741023610980576.00 321 WOODSIDE DRIVEGoldsboro1CS- Community Shopping1780/0666 
294WAYNE2074103610986539.00 WOODROSE DR REARGoldsboro0.01CS- Community Shopping3002/0072 
304WAYNE1702873610998090.00 WOODSIDE DR REARGoldsboro1.54CS ( Community Shopping) /OH (Outer Horizontal Height District)3002/0072Pending Offer
314WAYNE1662563620181918.00 106 NORTHGOLD DRGoldsboro0.27OH- Outer Horizontal Height District2986/0843 
324WAYNE1664653620292518.00 HARE RD SURVGoldsboro0.76OH- Outer Horizontal Height District2990/0763 
334WAYNE2345633620185323.00 562 HARE RDGoldsboro0.44OH- Outer Horizontal Height District2998/0080 
344WAYNE1669643620180129.00 521 HARE RDGoldsboro0.37OH- Outer Horizontal Height District3019/0516 
354WAYNE2074143620773580.00 N US 13 HY REARGoldsboro0.18CS- Community Shopping3002/0710Pending Offer
364WAYNE1664493620787323.00 N US 13 HY REAR 1147-92Goldsboro0.49CS- Community Shopping2986/0258Pending Offer
374WAYNE2481703548408065.00 149 MARTHA'S LNGoldsboro0.78CS- Community Shopping2823/0416 
384WAYNE2482863547498866.00 NEW HOPE RDLa Grange0.15CS- Community Shopping2211/0219 
394WAYNE2482873547495667.00 NEW HOPE RD REARLa Grange0.05CS- Community Shopping2197/0824 
404WAYNE2482883547495667.00 NEW HOPE RD REARLa Grange0.07CS- Community Shopping2197/0825 
414WAYNE2482893547495487.00 NEW HOPE RD REARLa Grange1.15CS- Community Shopping2183/0125 
442LENOIR96765452701075189.0033541Ben Franklin RdKinston0.12RA-201231/173 
453ONSLOW148299004009350D-161Country Club RdJacksonville 0.54RSF-73569/18Pending Offer
463ONSLOW1469541114-5624501.001563 Piney Green Rd // SR 1406Jacksonville0.44R-103527/429 
473ONSLOW2067411114-15351818Piney Green Rd // SR 1406 Drainage DitchJacksonville0.09R-103872/300 
483ONSLOW1469431114-5516466.001551 Piney Green Rd // SR 1406Jacksonville0.4R-103503/181 
493ONSLOW1477851114-5410086.001545 Piney Green Rd // SR 1406Jacksonville 0.4R-103485/380 
503ONSLOW1469441114-1126326.001375 Piney Green Rd // SR 1406Jacksonville0.35HB- Highway Business District3513/9 
513ONSLOW1469470.0033516.001301 Piney Green Rd // L15 S1 Birchwood ParkJacksonville0.35R-153521/53 
523ONSLOW1469520.0033515.001293 Piney Green Rd // L14 S1 Birchwood ParkJacksonville0.36R-153503/176 
533ONSLOW146951110.6033502.001211 Piney Green Rd // L1 S1 Birchwood ParkJacksonville0.38R-153498/814 
543ONSLOW147772350D-10027990.00 2400 Country Club Rd // L1 S1 Windsor ManorJacksonville0.38RSF-73563/174Pending Offer
553ONSLOW148300350-79.365465.00405 Piney Green Rd // SR 1406Jacksonville0.81RMF-LD3569/15Pending Offer
563ONSLOW150965350-786584.00353 Piney Green Rd // SR 1406Jacksonville0.64RMF-LD3621/650 
573ONSLOW148297350-705170.00267 Piney Green Rd // SR 1406Jacksonville0.54RMF-LD3583/482 
583NEW HANOVER878833260-64-4917.000R02900-001-008-000Lot PT FutchWilmington1.53R-15 Residential District02761/0294Pending Offer
593BRUNSWICK112854206701174269.002190000117.006.37 Acres Plat 30/521St. James6.37CO-R-750002544/00597 
603BRUNSWICK205837107611565307.002290001417.00L-P/O 6.51 Acres Shallotte0.51CO-R-750003379/0997 
613BRUNSWICK205840107611565561.002290001410.00T-W P/O 7 1.04 AC PL N/343 Est of William HillShallotte1.04CO-R-750003388/1202 
623BRUNSWICK205835107611566639.002290001411.00T-8 1.90AC Est of William Hill Plat N/343Shallotte1.9CO-R-750003388/1184 
653SAMPSON15470314439963981443.08-99-6398810 E. Clinton St. Roseboro0.27Municipal
673SAMPSON20726214853240691485-#254Off Roseboro HwyBonnetsville0.78Residential

Pending Offer

693SAMPSON2072561464735097.001464-73-5097Roseboro HwyRoseboro0.56Residential
713SAMPSON15470214640075521464-00-75528356 Roseboro HwyRoseboro0.1Residential
1819/0240Pending Offer
743SAMPSON2345441444437866 Off Dunn Rd.Roseboro0.09Municipal

Team JP is selling for The North Carolina Department of Transportation “residue” properties in a series of online auction events.

1. There is an 11% Buyers Premium upon the high bid price for this auction and a 11% Earnest Money Deposit required on Auction Day and the balance is due at closing. Earnest money deposit cannot be paid with a credit card.

2. The sale of the subject property has a single 10 day upset bid period and must be approved by the Board of Transportation and, when necessary, by the Council of State, and these approvals may delay by several months the sale and delivery of the Quitclaim Deed conveying the property.

3. The property will be transferred via Quitclaim Deed and the Buyer is responsible for all recording fees associated with the recording of the executed Quitclaim Deed; the Closing will be handled at the respective County Register of Deeds office.

4. All final payment funds will be made out to NCDOT via a certified or cashier's check, payable at the time of closing and recording of the Quitclaim Deed at the respective County Register of Deeds office.

5. Buyer has physically reviewed the property and is aware of any access or control of access.

6. The sale of the subject property must be approved by the Board of Transportation and, when necessary, by the Council of State, and these approvals may delay by several months the sale and delivery of the Quitclaim Deed conveying the property.

7. Johnson Properties Realtors & Auctioneers, Inc. makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the property. Descriptions of the property are believed to be correct, but are not guaranteed. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to conduct any inspection prior to the auction. Johnson Properties Realtors and Auctioneers, Inc. has attempted to find or locate all information deemed material facts. Ultimately, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to inspect all aspects of the property before placing a bid. No sale shall be invalidated by the Buyer as a result of he/she not conducting their own inspection prior to bidding. It is automatically acknowledged by placing a bid that you have personally inspected the property, hired an agent to inspect the property or waived your right to inspect the property.

8. All properties are offered “AS IS, WHERE IS” with no warranties either written or implied. Potential buyers are encouraged to research all property attributes (i.e. zoning, lot size, water and sewer availability, buildable or non-buildable, easements, encroachments, any governmental or private restrictions, restrictive covenants, etc.) to ensure that the property meets their intended use prior to bidding. The current appropriate county GIS information and aerial representations are provided as a courtesy, but are NOT GUARANTEED.

9. Neither the NCDOT nor Johnson Properties Realtors & Auctioneers, Inc. makes any representation of the condition or suitability of any property for any purpose. All properties are being sold “as is” in their present condition with all faults if any.

NCAL: 7340